River Trip Ordering

At Grand Canyon Spirits we love to work with the river community. We offer online ordering for select Colorado River Commercial Outfitters.  Currently we are offering beverage service to Arizona Raft Adventure, Arizona River Runners and Grand Canyon Whitewater guests. You can order through our online shop at the button below.

The beer, wine, and soda ordered on this form is pre-packed so you do not have to carry beverages down the Bright Angel Trail. The trip allotment is 30 cans/person or the equivalent in wine or hard liquor. 

Call Grand Canyon Spirits with any questions. You must be 21 years old to purchase and consume
alcoholic beverages in the state of Arizona. 

*Note this service is only available to Arizona Raft Adventures, Arizona River Runners, and Grand Canyon Whitewater River trip guests. This service is not available to the general public.